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My name is Håkan Magnusson.

This website is meant to draw a picture of my skills and experiences. Here I have gathered things I’ve done over many years, together with current projects and ideas. The aim is give you a deeper understanding of my work and thought, along with the values and ideas that have been the fundament – nowadays and for the future. The site can also be seen as an invitation for all to contact me about potential projects and various forms of collaboration.
Contrasts are one thing, dichotomy is another. Contrasts let us see the world as it is, dichotomy allows us to experience the world as




Dichotomies that are presented as theory – practice, art – science and play – seriousness, are all devastating in relation to areas I’m involved in.

In my way of working – or approach –  I aim at merging the concepts in one and the same weaving of meaning.